Rubber and Ceramic Coatings

The application of a rubber coating makes a surface resistant to wear and corrosion, thereby significantly lengthening the life cycle of the coated component.

The coating has excellent mechanical properties to protect against impact, dents and abrasion. Ceramic coating provides the required resistance to wear for even the most demanding applications. Ceramic coating can be applied to a number of surfaces, e.g., pipe interiors, containers, feed funnels and, of course, flat surfaces.

Rah-kone offers its customers a wide range of coatings. We choose the coatings together with the customer for each application. In doing so, we ensure the best possible end result. Natural rubber is available in hardnesses of shore A 35-75. Rubber coating helps to achieve excellent end results for even the most challenging and unusual applications. Options available include teflon-coated types of rubber with a low friction coefficient, which reduces adhesion and head loss. Our operations include the manufacture of steel components for coating, steel aggregate/sandblasting, industrial painting and, most importantly, the actual coating work.

Mining Industry

Coating of piping and containers with rubber or ceramic coating.

Paper Industry

Roll maintenance. The old rubber coating is removed through lathing and sandblasting, after which the roll is re-coated.

Chemical and Maritime Industries

Rubber coating can help achieve a surface which prevents corrision, thereby protecting steel structures from e.g., acids or seawater travelling through the structures.

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