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Anti-slip high-visibility coatings

Welcome to explore our product-protected anti-slip high-visibility coating method for concrete grates and grid steps.

High-visibility coatings serve various purposes and enhance safety in different environments. Below, we present how these markings can benefit you:

Emergency exits and assembly points:
With the anti-slip high-visibility coating, you can ensure that emergency exits and assembly points are clearly visible, which is crucial for safety.

Using this coating, you can define safe pathways in industrial environments where movement can be challenging and hazardous.

Slippery floor surfaces in front of doors:
During the winter when floor surfaces may become slippery in front of doors, the anti-slip high-visibility coating can facilitate the use of maintenance and storage areas.

Maintenance pits and access routes:
On maintenance platforms and their staircases, the high-visibility coating enhances step visibility in dim conditions. The high-visibility color ensures that step divisions are clear while providing a secure grip.

Loading areas:
Markings in loading areas facilitate cargo handling and enhance safety in areas with heavy traffic.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use:
Our coating methods are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to benefit from them in various environments.

Safety for lift door openings:
Lift door openings with heavy traffic can be equipped with our markings, which provide three different profiles of anti-slip texture, allowing you to customize safety to your needs.

Officially approved and reliable:
The anti-slip coating we use is the only officially approved option in Finland and has a track record of over 5 years in use worldwide. You can trust the quality and safety of our products.

Epoxy-based coating:
Our anti-slip high-visibility coatings are based on epoxy coatings, ensuring durability and longevity in all conditions.

Effective and consistent solution:
Previously used anti-slip high-visibility coatings, which incorporated carbide crush into paint, lacked consistency and may not have received the required safety certifications. Instead, we offer an effective and reliable solution for your safety with certified coatings.

Contact us and let us help you enhance safety and usability in industrial spaces with professionalism and reliable products. Trust us when it comes to safety and efficiency!

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