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Repair work on expansion joints

Liikunasauma betonilattian korjaus

We perform expansion joint repair and refurbishment work throughout Finland.
If the floor’s expansion joints are worn or broken, sand, gravel, and other materials start to accumulate at the joint, clogging the expansion joint gap. This prevents the concrete slabs from moving freely, leading to cracks in the floor slab. We remove the old expansion joints, cut open any stuck joint gaps as needed, and install new floor joint sealants. For these tasks, we use Belzona’s high-quality products.

The reliability and durability of a building often rely on unseen details, one of the most important being the concrete floor’s expansion joint. Rah-Kone Piping Oy is an expert in this critical detail, ensuring the floor’s longevity and functionality under various conditions.

Importance of Concrete Floor Expansion Joints:
Expansion joints are key elements that allow controlled movement of the concrete floor – reducing the risk of cracking and enhancing the floor’s performance and longevity.

Movement of Expansion Joint: According to Eurocodes, Rah-Kone Piping Oy’s design strictly follows the guidance of SFS-EN 1992-1-1 for determining the effects of concrete creep and shrinkage. This ensures that each expansion joint is dimensioned to withstand the assumed final shrinkages and length changes caused by temperature, which can be significant in Finnish conditions.

Types of Expansion Joints
Rah-Kone Piping Oy recommends that vertical and horizontal expansion joints be placed in alignment, ensuring the functionality and structural integrity of the joints. Research and development are important to us, and we always use the latest information and best practices in selecting our technologies and materials, ensuring durability and high quality in every project we undertake.