Thermal insulation

At the installation site, the sprayed polyurethane insulation is glued to the structures and forms a completely seamless and dense insulation around the entire building. As the thermal insulation of the structures is multiplied, the insulation layer acts as a windscreen and a vapor barrier.

With sprayed PU insulation, the thickness of the wall structures can be maintained. The current thermal insulation requirement of the wall structures is 0.17 W/m2K achieved with a 150 mm insulation layer.

Polyurethane insulation solves safely to isolating the hard-to-implement lower and upper spikes. In addition, the PU insulation to be sprayed can also insulate the roof structures from the outside.

The PU insulation can also be sprayed on the ceiling, wall or crawl-space subfloor of the building. It summarizes the air leakage points of the building and forms a completely seamless insulation around the entire building. It has no adverse aluminum film in cellular traffic.

The Ekospray 40e PU insulation of the closed cell is 40 kg/m3 or higher. It has a thermal conductivity of up to 0.025 W/mk and the water vapor permeability is 0.5 x 10-12 kg/m2spa, so it is safe to use in almost all structures as a thick layer of insulation without a vapor barrier or a moisture risk. Already a 35 mm insulation layer provides sufficient water vapor resistance to a normal residential building.